Configuration in many variants

Modelling a wide range of variants and product complexity is our passion. Individual enquiries and customised end products are the requirements of our customers. In order to achieve prominence in the market, it is increasingly important to give the customer a good experience. Complex products visualised in 3D are much more tangible for customers. A wide range of variants can be precisely modelled in the configurator and shown in their possible combinations. Our technology makes it easier to achieve the objective of marketing your products in a simple and easily understood manner.

With the aid of an individual configurator from KiM, a wide range of complex products can be intelligently configured and visualised in three dimensions. Both the user interface and the layout of the configurator can be adapted to the relevant corporate identity.

The configurator only allows creation and selection of those component characteristics that can actually be realised and constructed. Plausibility control continuously checks all the stages of configuration. Invalid combinations are not possible, thus preventing defective orders or designs.

With the aid of the CADClick® ccWebGL 3D Viewer, the 3D model can be examined in 360° during combination without the need for additional plugins in browsers.

Customers can generate 3D models from the configurator and transfer them into CAD/BIM systems. In addition to numerous CAD/BIM output formats, the user also has access to the usual standard exchange formats such as STEP/SAT or DWG/DXF. It is also possible to create a 3D PDF datasheet including lists of parts and 2D dimension drawings.

Customer examples


  • Graphical/interactive 3D configuration
  • Rule Engine
  • Combination is carried out by means of snap points (anchors)
  • Export to all common CAD/BIM formats
  • User interfaces are freely adaptable

CADClick® Virtual Reality

Virtual configuration

In order to increase the user experience further, KiM ha expanded online configurators to include the feature CADClick® ccVirtual Reality. Based on the new technology – the option of VR in the browser – components can be combined using a VR headset.

The environment can thus be individually adapted to the user. Users can move freely around the configured subassembly and expand it to include various elements as in the conventional configurator. The components are mounted by means of a handheld controller. Components can thus be place in a virtual space by means of simple hand movements.

Mounting of the components is based on snap points (anchors), which allow positionally precise positioning with an accurate fit. Possible mounting positions and component dependencies are provided by the same rule-based engine as in the existing configurator. The same CADClick® 3D models are used. As a result, any changes to the models and the rules are automatically made available in the VR application.

The configuration in the virtual space can be exported, as is usual with CADClick®, into all common CAD output formats. The VR application is rounded out by means of animations, such as the movable doors of an electronics cabinet.


  • Usage of VR in the browser
  • Configuration in a virtual 3D space
  • Based on CADClick®
  • Rule Engine


  • Combination is carried out by means of snap points (anchors)
  • Export to all common CAD/BIM formats
  • Animations (e.g. movable doors)


  • Highlight at trade shows and events
  • Intensive and real product experience