CADClick® ccAssembler offline

Standalone planning software

CADClick® ccAssembler offline is the standalone planning software for the easy, interactive combination of components. This system-neutral 3D planning tool can be used for configuring the design, operations scheduling and assembly of components independent of CAD software and their combination with the aid of insertion points (snap points/anchors).

CADClick® ccAssembler offline offers rapid, interactive and easy combination of components created in CADClick® ccDesigner to form subassemblies. We attach considerable importance to achieving the most intuitive operation, so that no prior knowledge of CAD systems is required. The system is independent of CAD but, with the aid of CADClick® technology, provides various output formats for 3D models, 2D drawings and images. A parts list continuously updated during combination and including price calculations is also outputted. Concept drafts and cost proposals can thus be created with little work.

The user is assisted by connectible wizards that suggest suitable parts, prevent incorrect configuration and automatically position components. Combination can also be processed further by deleting, replacing, moving, rotating or resizing individual or multiple parts at the same time. Processing is carried out either by Drag & Drop or precisely through the direct input of numerical values.

Demo zum ccAssembler offline