CADClick® ccDesigner

Module for data creation

CADClick® ccDesigner is the central CAD application for the assembly of 2D/3D models for your products. The software licence, together with the independent CAD kernel, means you can create system-neutral, parametrised 2D/3D CAD models.

The software module allows system-neutral geometry description of components with the object of providing CAD models flexibly and efficiently to your customers. Based on queries and nested tables, a powerful product configurator can create combination logics even for complex subassemblies. No programming knowledge is required.

All data can be managed by means of a modern, central interface. This results in 3D models that, using the publishing component CADClick® ccPublisher, can facilitate the distribution of your CAD data.


  • CAD kernel independently optimised for parametrised model creation
  • Powerful configurator
  • Simple data input and administration
  • No transmission of manufacturing know-how
  • Numerous output formats
  • Click2CAD direct insert drivers
  • Small file sizes (XML)
  • Generation of CAD models for running time
  • 2D derivations from 3D models
  • Creation of 2D dimension drawings from 3D models
  • Import of STEP, DXF, DWG files
  • System-neutral geometry description
  • All data based on XML (geometry description, logics, output data)
  • Open architecture (API) for the implementation of independent applications

Alternatively, we can offer the creation of data for your parametrised models as a service.