CADClick® software modules - overview

Base modules

CADClick® ccPublisher

Publishing component

Publishing component for distribution of 2D/3D models created using CADClick® ccDesigner.

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CADClick® ccCatalog

Catalogue system

Digital product catalogue for presenting the product range. Individual company layouts can be implemented.

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CADClick® ccDesigner

Data creation

The central CAD application for the assembly of 2D/3D models for your products.

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CADClick® ccAssembler Online

Graphical interactive combination

System-neutral planning tool for easy, interactive combination of components in 3D.

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CADClick® ccAssembler Offline

Rapid, interactive combination

Components can be configured independent of CAD software and combined using snap points.

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Additional modules

  • ccGenerator – CADClick exports via Web service
  • ccDrawingGenerator – Generation of 2D dimension drawings
  • ccDataSheet – Generation of 3D PDF datasheets
  • ccRenderer – Generation of photo-quality representations
  • ccDatamanager – Maintenance tool for ccCatalog
  • ccWebGL 3D-Viewer – Viewing component
  • ccExplorer – Desktop Viewer

Areas of application


Product configuration worldwide

It is not only your customers who will benefit from an electronic product catalogue, you can also generate added value within your company. In marketing, the CAD/BIM component catalogue can be used for the smart presentation of products. Your designers have a more efficient normal working day, since CAD data no longer require manual revision and transmission. CADClick® can be incorporated without problems into your system world.


Winning customers 4.0

With CADClick®, product information can be provided online by means of an individual electronic product catalogue. Sales employees can incorporate data and 3D visualisations when presenting quotations. Download statistics give valuable information on user behaviour.


Speed up your processes

Designers and planners spend a large proportion of their working time in searching for suitable components, creating parts and requesting CAD data. With the aid of our CADClick® technology, you can free up more time for the development of new and innovative products or the optimisation of your existing range.


Individual, seamless, open

Thanks to its open interfaces, CADClick® can be seamlessly integrated in your IT landscape – either online or offline. Connection to all common systems is achievable. Due to the open structure of our software, we can implement individual solutions precisely to your requirements.

CADClick® technology

As a specialist in system-neutral 3D component catalogues, KiM has financed itself in developing the CADClick® technology for many years. This is based on a modern geometry kernel and the latest software technologies – online as well as offline. In online applications, the latest browser version is always supported.

The visualisation of configured products and generated subassemblies as a 3D model is carried out using WebGL technology. As a result, special plug-ins are now no longer required in the browser of the end user. In the development of graphically attractive, interactive configurators, KiM uses the most modern software tools.