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In addition to our 3D configurators and CAD product catalogs, we also offer other services to help you save time and increase your sales. From UX/UI design to the 3D animation of your products and the data creation of models – we support you in making your products tangible and highly user-friendly

Data creation

Data creation



3D animation

3D animation


UX/UI: Facts instead of gut feeling

Software applications are becoming increasingly complex these days. Nevertheless, users want to reach their destination more and more easily, effectively and efficiently. The terms UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are crucial for the design of digital products and services to ensure that they are as user-friendly and appealing as possible.

To achieve this, we work with you to create innovative product configurators and CAD libraries that provide your users with the best possible support and are therefore remembered positively. We involve the user group in this process at all stages of development and place their needs at the center of our decisions.

Our UX/UI services range from user analysis to design/prototyping and evaluation/user testing.

3D animation: Welcome to the photorealistic world

3D animations are a fascinating and versatile form of visual design. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) plays a decisive role here. CGI is a technology known from the film industry that is used to create photorealistic images and animations with the help of 3D programs. The digital replicas can hardly be distinguished from their natural counterparts. This creates new visual worlds and film compositions that could otherwise only be realized with significantly higher financial and personnel costs.

We merge the worlds of CAD models and CGI and can thus present your products even more realistically.

CAD data creation: With precision and accuracy

CAD data creation forms the basis for the modern design and manufacturing industry and therefore also for your 3D models. The creation of your products as parameterized 3D models can be carried out by KiM as a service. After analyzing your data together, we take care of the rest. Among other things, we create the image standards for your components as a template for 3D modeling. Our employees also record the product logic as the basis for creating the configuration.

Or would you like to create the data for your models yourself using our software technology? In design workshops, we analyze your products together with you, create basic guidelines and train you accordingly in our system-neutral CAD data creation tool.

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