3D letterbox configurator - Real-time price and weight generation

Unlimited combination options thanks to modular design!

With the 3D configurator from Ernst Schweizer AG – developed by KiM GmbH – letterboxes and parcel boxes can be individually configured. The modular design offers practically unlimited combination possibilities.

One system and one data source – internal and external

The company, based in Switzerland, uses the product configurator both internally to create quotations and as an online version for the end customer. The employees have a separate interface that communicates with the ERP system. The decisive advantage: one system and one data source – internally and externally.

Real-time generation: price and weight

During configuration, the user is actively supported in their pre-selection by rule-based selection lists and pre-generated variant suggestions. Ernst Schweizer opted for the graphical creation of the letterbox system using drag & drop.

Once the user has determined the basic structure of the letterbox system, they enter the 3D space of the configurator. The user now has the option of configuring the system using various setting options such as the trim design, color or installation type. All selection steps are rendered directly in the 3D model. In addition, information such as the weight of the system and the current price are displayed in real time based on the selected components.

Parts list: Listing of all components for production

Another highlight is the output of the parts list. The parts list lists all the components required to manufacture the entire system. The parts list function is based on rule tables, which can be maintained by Ernst Schweizer himself with guidance from KiM. The control positions read in describe the components required. These are both the products visible in the 3D model, such as housings or supports, but also components that are not visible in the visual representation. These include rivets, screws or connecting parts. This parts list is output as a CSV file.


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