LKiM develops new generation of product configurators for Häfele

In close cooperation with Häfele GmbH & Co KG (Nagold), manufacturer of fittings technology and locking systems, KiM GmbH (St. Wendel) has developed a new generation of product configurators in just ten months.

From planning and design to implementation and market launch, an overall concept for future configurators was jointly developed. The Häfele “DressCode” configurator was successfully implemented using KiM’s CADClick® software technology. This step became necessary for the company due to the increasing global requirements within the Häfele Group and the resulting different market demands.

Optimized usability & store connection

The new generation of the product configurator improves, optimizes and flexibilizes the implementation of customer requirements in the areas of design and usability, functionality, interfaces and supplier connection. KiM’s design and usability focus on simple and fast operation. In order to guarantee the best possible usability for the user, wireframes and interactive mockups were created, which were analyzed and validated in several tests with the help of the target group.

The user is guided through the configurator in just a few steps. The result is also displayed visually live on a 3D stage, which is used interactively for configuration. To make configuration easier for users, all product-relevant details are automatically incorporated into the process. This eliminates errors and allows the end customer to configure without detailed product knowledge.

The “Share” and “Save” functions can be used to send planned configurations from end customers to joinery customers. The recipient opens the configuration, is able to change it and order it in the Häfele web store.

Mobile ready

The configurator was designed and technically embedded by KiM in such a way that it can be used on both stationary and mobile devices. This enables reliable planning directly at the customer’s premises. Prices and availability of the articles are displayed via a login in the Häfele web store.

Ideally, the Häfele customer completes the sales process within one hour – from measuring and planning to visualization and pricing – and orders the required parts directly in the Häfele web store.

Augmented reality

To visualize the planned products, the configured furniture can be displayed directly in the real installation space via the CADClick® augmented reality interface. The room is measured using a camera in the app and the furniture is inserted into the room in the correct proportions. This works by means of automatic transfer from the configurator to the app or by scanning a QR code. The end customer experiences a wow effect through the realistic visualization, which increases the chances of closing the sale immensely.

On the technical side, the CADClick® augmented reality interface relies on an engine that supports Apple’s native ARKit on iOS and Google’s ARCore on Android. This enables optimum tracking performance regardless of the platform, including all hardware sensors such as depth cameras, position sensors, etc.

Extensive output options

With this new configurator, Häfele customers save between 70 and 80% planning time compared to conventional quotation procedures. Once the configuration has been completed, the logged-in user is provided with various outputs so that they can either produce (wooden) parts themselves or incorporate the configuration into existing room plans.

The data outputs include 2D and 3D CAD data for download or display in all common formats. In addition, a parts list of the individual parts, a cutting list with all machining dimensions for wooden parts, a configuration overview with integrated parts list and an exploded view of the configuration, which also serves as assembly instructions for fitters.


With this new generation of configurators using CADClick® technology, Häfele customers benefit from the following advantages:

  • Time savings of up to 80% in the sales process
  • Safe, quick and easy configuration of a system
  • Purchase and sales price determination automatically on site
  • Direct ordering from Häfele possible during the sales talk
  • Very short order processing times (from consultation to installation 3-7 working days)
  • Increasing sales opportunities by emotionally charging the product on site during consultation

Both Häfele GmbH & Co KG and KiM GmbH are taking the lessons learned from this development project for product configurators with them to implement further projects together.


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