BIM is key! Introduction of a BIM/CAD library at MÜPRO

What is BIM, please?

This question was first asked by those responsible at MÜPRO in 2015. Everyone talks about it, no one really knows how to do it, everyone thinks that everyone else is doing it and therefore everyone claims that they are doing it too.

Nevertheless, it became clear that BIM is a topic of the future and that MÜPRO must be part of it. Those responsible therefore began by observing and analyzing the market for providers of BIM/CAD libraries. Ultimately, the decision was made two years ago to implement the BIM/CAD database with KiM’s CADClick® technology. Thanks to the BIM/CAD library, architects and specialist planners have access to individually defined data that can be imported precisely into numerous BIM/CAD systems.

With CADClick® ccAssembler Offline, MÜPRO opted for a system-neutral planning tool for the simple, interactive assembly of components in 3D. Users can combine MÜPRO products easily and intelligently. This enabled direct and uncomplicated export to CAD and BIM systems. The 3D components with enriched BIM data were initially created by KiM. In the meantime, the MÜPRO managers are successfully modeling themselves.

At ISH Frankfurt from 11.03.-15.03.2019, the time had come: MÜPRO presented the new CADClick® BIM/CAD library for the first time. With the trade fair conclusion in the bag, a first retrospective on BIM could be drawn.

The introduction of a BIM/CAD database has paid off for MÜPRO. The topic of BIM is increasingly being treated objectively and realistically. BIM is intensively supported by manufacturers, although end customers are often still cautious.

Conclusion: “BIM is key” – In order to keep up with the times and not lose touch, it is necessary to engage with BIM and its introduction.


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