CADClick® ccVirtualReality: Virtual assembly of electronic cabinets

KiM has developed the Novastar electronic cabinet configurator for the Schroff brand for nVent/Schroff. The configurator has a real-time plausibility check and enables immediate CAD data generation as well as CAD data download in numerous formats.

CADClick® ccAssembler Online: Individual assembly via drag & drop

By using the CADClick® module ccAssembler Online, the standard cabinet can be intelligently combined in simple steps and assembled into a customized electronics cabinet. By clicking on the modification area, the user can “drag and drop” the desired individual parts into the cabinet frame. There are almost 30 different Novastar frame dimensions to choose from. The plausibility check permanently checks all steps of the configuration. Invalid combinations are automatically corrected. The “Cut-Out Editor” function extension also allows individual cut-outs to be inserted into all configured cladding parts. Predefined cut-outs, which are stored in a library, can also be applied. The “Label” module can also be used to add text fields or logos for individual printing.

CADClick® ccWebGL 3D viewer: 3D model in 360° view

The parameterized creation of models in CADClick® means that all product combinations can be used in assembly. Modification of the products or the rules and regulations is possible at any time. Using the ccWebGL 3D viewer, the finished 3D model can be viewed in 360° in browsers without an additional plug-in.

CADClick® technology: making life easier for designers and developers

Users can generate 2D or 3D models of the electronics enclosure directly from the configurator and transfer them to their CAD system. In addition to numerous CAD output formats, the usual standard exchange formats such as STEP, SAT or DWG/DXF are also available to the user. Another highlight is the creation of a 3D PDF data sheet including parts lists and separate 2D views. The parts list with the installed components is updated automatically and can be shown or hidden at any time. If a part of the parts list is deleted, it also disappears from the 3D model in the configuration area and vice versa. This makes the work of designers and developers much easier and significantly more convenient.

Assembling the electronics cabinet in the virtual world

To take the user experience to the next level, KiM has added the Virtual Reality (VR) feature to the online configurator. Thanks to the new technology – the use of VR in the browser – the assembly of the electronics cabinet can also take place in the virtual world with VR glasses.

To this end, KiM placed the configurator model of the control cabinet in a virtual 3-dimensional server room and adapted it for configuration by the user. nVent/Schroff customers can move freely around the frame of the electronics cabinet and add various built-in elements to it as in the conventional configurator. The components are assembled with a controller in your hand. The individual components such as doors, walls, floors or slide-in units can be positioned with simple hand movements. The components are mounted using catch points (anchors), which enable them to be positioned correctly and accurately. Possible attachment positions and component dependencies are provided by the same rule-based engine as in the existing configurator. The same CADClick® 3D models are also used. This means that changes to the models and rules are also automatically available in the VR application. As usual with CADClick®, the configuration in the virtual room can be exported to all common CAD output formats. The VR application is rounded off with animations such as moving doors. A special highlight is the inspection and exploration of the electronics cabinet from the inside!


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