Production in interaction with Mrs. Frollein

In collaboration with the artist and designer Mrs. Frollein (Valérie Minelli), we produced the new header video for the ORBIS AG careers page.
With the video in the slider on the careers page, ORBIS is focusing on modern employee recruitment. The film was therefore produced in three format sizes and three languages – German, English and French.

Project progress at a glance

First, KiM, Mrs. Frollein and ORBIS worked together to create and coordinate the storyboard. Valérie Minelli then illustrated the figures and drew them frame by frame.

KiM then took over. We cut the individual sequences together and added text animations and transitions. The soundtrack by renowned voice actor Christian Balser – the male voice of the ARD trailer – gives the video production an additional quality.

We would like to thank Mrs. Frollein, Christian Balser and of course ORBIS for their excellent cooperation.


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