Redesign of the CAD product catalog at fischerwerke

In this success story, we present the redesign of the existing fischerwerke CADClick® CAD product catalog. The CAD catalog has also been equipped with new functionalities. In addition, the focus was placed on optimizing the user interface of the digital product catalog.

In joint meetings with fischerwerke, the project steps were defined and first implemented in a clickable wireframe & prototype. This provides the customer with a realistic visualization very quickly and can be used to obtain feedback from stakeholders.

During the design update, the new CI (corporate identity) of fischerwerke was adopted, so that the CAD product catalog consistently corresponds to the familiar fischerwerke look.

The complete implementation of the project from the 1st meeting to the release was thus realized within 1 month.

New functionalities/adaptations through update included:

  • BIM implementation
  • Direct 3D preview of the model
  • Multiple downloads of individual files
  • “View product on homepage”
  • Additional functionalities in 1st level product navigation
  • Corporate identity implementation

CADClick® ccDesigner

In addition, creation of new 3D geometry data with our in-house software technology CADClick as part of the update, with additional LODs (Level of Detail).

Application example for further use of CADClick® CAD data in Fischer C-FIX design software.

Screenshot of Fischer dimensioning software C-FIX


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